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the DARK side

Everyone has a dark side of themselves. That includes me.

Yea. Especially with my best buddies, yeekai n euwen. One cannot understand how dark and scary we are when we open chat boxes and do a discussion, all the way from Penang to Ipoh, and right down to KL. Though we are separated into 3 really different cities, our darkness never fails to unite us in a MSN chatbox to chat about… I better not elaborate *laughs*

Sides that darkness thingy, let’s talk bout something more sensible. Had a great concert today in church by Enoch Fernado, a world renowned pianist who travels around the world to play, of the course the piano, while using his life as a testimony to reach out to people. You can visit his website at

Won’t deny the fact that he is really awesome on the keyboard, but i personally think his showmanship is something that helps his performance too. Ask Kah Meng and he’ll wholehearted agree with me on this, hehe. I think that many had been blessed by his performance (he even played “Close to you”!!). His wife, who in my bro’s opinion looks a bit like Amy Whinehouse (LOL), is a great singer blessed with a melodic voice. What a combination both of them make. God bless them richly.

Ok its time to sleep. Hope I could make my 10KM jog tomorrow, though my body is like gently persuading me not to. Haha.


A Saturday Night

“hey… when u wanna return me my cd… let me know if u dun wanna return so i wun expect”

That is part of the msg i received from her moments back. How hurtful could it get? I’m already trying to forget about the past but i can’t do anything if it keeps haunting me. Well I’ve told myself to face it and return to her tomorrow. Period.

Went to an Indian dinner organized by someone living in the penthouse of my condo (my goodness both yeekai and euwen’s gonna boycott me for this). I was expecting a real sumptuous meal but to my disappointment it was a vegetarian buffet +_+” Haha. All I had was rice with some curry, along with lots of papadum. The bright side of it was that they serve adequately satisfying “eggless cakes”.

I’m feeling very bored now. The brother asked me to catch a movie later. Hope it materialises.

Should I return the CD along with something else? Or just throw it in the post box? Hmm i wonder…

p/s: United drew 1-1 with Everton. ARGHHHHH



Its been a while. It has been a LONG while. Nearly another 3 months since my last post? LOL.

Again I failed to live up to what I’ve said. which has been the case for many times.

Many things happened during the past 3 months, from the very very very the LOW moments of my life to the quite quite high moments of my life. But I don’t think I’ll talk much about them now that it has come to past. All I can do is to look forward and try not to reflect so much on the past that it becomes sour.

There have been numeral trips that I’ve been to these few months, namely:

  • Ipoh/ Penang – With the bunch of guys
  • Paka, Terengganu/ Kuantan – Business trip
  • Bukit Tabur – This hiking trip rocks big time! Together with the Lams and Soong
  • Frasers Hill – With the life group (well, former life group)
  • Melaka – With my beloved family members

So you can see that life have been pretty hectic here. The job is even worse, many things to do, to deal with customers, to create business plans, and the list goes on and on.

But I do realise that the weekends now are a bit dull than before. Not as much activities as before anymore. Kinda feel lifeless at the moment. But anyways the body must be rejoicing as I would be able to rest more since there’s nothing to do except to lie on my snoopy-pattern bedsheet covered bed. Er, I didn’t buy it myself, it was the mom who changed it for me.

Anyhows, another update is that I’ll be hopping over to Jakarta next Tuesday for yet another business trip. Yea it might sound fun but trust me there’s a lot of pressure to think kind of business trip. So please don’t think I’m on a holiday or something. Haha.

Currently craving to watch HSM 3 too but sadly can’t find anyone to accompany (Yes, I’m pethatic to this extend xD) so please please let me know if you’re as lonely as me and need someone to watch with you too. LOL.

Till then, laters….