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Monday Blues?

Not exactly. Will be heading to Penang at 4AM in the rning. Mission is to reach there by 9AM to make sure everything runs well in the centre.

Pros: Meeting up with YK, Euwen, and Kok. Good food too perhaps?

Cons: The ever-tiring-gruesome-long journey.

The world’s about balance, like Karma. Lol. Nah Karma doesn’t apply to me. We can’t control what the world may throw at us but what we can certainly do is to look at things at the positive note.

Hmm, getting a bit over the board on simply mumbling. Shall stop it and go to bed instead.


A Night To Ponder

Happy Valentine’s Yo!

Had a very long night, which started from dinner with JG, prayer meeting with KL, lifegroup meeting and LMA(Leader’s Medal of Achievement) Training with the Ranger gang, followed by supper and heart to heart talk with Soong.

You see he just broke up with his girl hours ago. Was a tough pill to swallow for both of them, but in the end I reckon a good decision made. Prayed for him with the rest during lifegroup and trust that God will have His way on both of them. But still, to break up on such a date, sad eh?

The first time spending this day alone after a few good years. What feelings I have now you may ask, the answer is of course not a good feeling, but something I must cope with.

Three years ago it was a home-cooked by myself for Her. Two years ago it was at a restaurant we thought was SF Steakhouse but found out it’s Finnegan. A year ago She cooked for me with homemade candlelight shapes.

This year? …

Heck, it is a time to spend time with people you love, not THE girl you love. Shall spend it with my precious family, and some friends perhaps at night. Will see how it goes.

Be my Valentine??

Was having bread for lunch the day before and i saw this:


Come on you’ve got to be kidding me. Even the bread reminds me of the day where lovebirds spend the most romantic time away. Perhaps I’m getting a bit paranoid too.

KM asked me what I’ll be doing that day. My answer was “I don’t know”. *Hints that I’m still available that day so drop a message if you want to complete the other half of me* Like duh…

Nah, might just gather with some friends and go somewhere nice to chill out. Already got somewhere in mind to go but all’s not confirmed. *Hints yet another time that I’m available that day to go for a date* Like someone who likes me will read this, like there is someone anyways, urgh…

Have you ever…

Have you ever tried hanging the night out till the dawn cometh?

From having a late dinner, to a cyber cafe. From the cyber cafe to playing pool. And from pooling to cyber cafe again till its almost 6AM.

I did.

The worst part of it? Have to wake myself up early the next morning for some tasks. Argh….