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Earth Hour a PR thingy?

Was reading this very interesting article from The Star Online:

Can’t help but to agree on the view point of this particular person. So much hype has been made about this 1 hour stunt whereby everyone unites to save electricity for one specific hour. Yes, no doubt we will save tonnes and help make a greener place (if it ever does). But, let’s think of what this Earth Hour will do to most people. In my humble opinion, these are some thoughts that will come to people’s mind in the aftermath:

  • Woohoo, we’ve just helped to conserve mother earth for an hour!
  • Oh my goodness, now I know how it feels to live without air-con or fan for an hour! Nearly die of hotness larr..
  • Er, who even cares about this sh*t?? Let’s just continue with our normal life..

Let’s now analyze each point made:

Point 1- Good job, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just helped mother earth, bravo. But for an hour? And like once per year? Do you even think it’s enough?

Point 2- This is the most worrying consequence that could happen. By neglecting their effort, they even see it as a burden to do this stunt, and start to “appreciate” electricity by using it more abusively because of the thought that it could be so unbearable to live without it. Scary scary.

Point 3- Let’s not even start talking about them.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t support this move, but I just think that we could do more than this. That instead on focusing on events like this, we should start doing our part and make it a daily lifestyle that is pleasing to mother earth. Some ways are mentioned in the article so do look it up.

Conclusion: In order to change the world, we should start by changing ourselves. Let’s make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race (With MJ creeping into my veins transforming in me :P)


Post Holiday Syndrome

Up till now I’m still experiencing the hangover of my week long holiday in Perth. Hey aren’t holidays supposed to make us feel better? But why is it that I’m feeling much worse? +_+

I shouldn’t be complaining, however. But seriously, there’s just so much to be done since coming back. Wait let me think, oh yea basically I’ll be busy for the whole of this week, from morning till night till the next morning, etc etc…

So much to be done yet having this kind of lazy bumpy feeling, Grrrrrreat.

p/s: Shall update on my trip, IF time and slumberness permit.


Heed the name of this place located not far off the city of Bandung.

Had to stop by this place as one of the schools are located here. The drive from Jakarta was a slow one due to the traffic. However, the scenery during the ride was nothing short of breathtaking. Mountains after mountains, the greeneries was a nice sight to enjoy while the bum was suffering because of bad road condition.

Back to Cimahi. The town was quite laid back. Not like any kampungs in Malaysia, but the condition being worse and the people much poorer. Quite sad to see people living in this condition, and learnt that I have such a good life I need to appreciate it more and stop grumbling about the tiny little problems I have.

Don’t know why, but somehow I feel God placed me here to convict me of my mom’s ultimate dream, which is the see one of her child becoming a pastor or missionary. It won’t be that God wants me to see those people here, and wants to send me to these places to reach out huh? Argh.. I want more signs to confirm this 😛

Anyways, the flight tomorrow to Semarang will be 6AM. Shall wake up to watch united’s match and head straight to the airport. Timing should be just right.


I wanna stop by Borobudur when I’m in Yogya!

Too bad it won’t be. Next time perhaps, haha.

Friday, oh Friday, do come swiftly, I need you so muchi!

The Airport

Crap. Took the aerotrain over only to realize my aircraft’s at the other side :S

Trying to hook up to the net via Burger King but the line’s on and off. Not really a good start to my journey huh?

Airport’s not a nice place to be right? In some perspective. It’s a place where people bid farewell to family, friends etc. Was looking at this couple struggling to overcome tears as one of them had to travel off. Yea, so airport’s not a really cool place after all. Lol.

Okay my flight’s in half an hour. Wish me all the safety I need, especially when I arrive there at Jakarta to get a cab to town. Hope it won’t turn out bad.


CJ’s Big Day

Happy 23rd Birthday Chun Jin!!

A very dear friend of mine, in fact one of my very first few in college. Always a cheerful character when he’s on the mood, but could be the opposite when things ain’t working so well. But, he never fails to keep us entertained with his jokes and personality.

We first landed in one the cafes in Sunway Pyramid, called “Circle”. As far as i know, it was used to be “Hai Lo” but didn’t know it changed. However the setting looks almost the same.

Next, we headed over to one of the pub nearby to have a drink. Shall not elaborate on it though 😛

All in all, great time spent with the friends and made some new friends. Only problem, its a bit too “early” to sleep now, lol…


p/s: 2 more days before I embark on my JOURNEY…