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Why do you pay so much for a hotel??

Yes why do you do so? When you’d have to work the whole day and only be back at around 8-9pm?


At least for Grand Hyatt Hotel, the gym here is simply fabulous. Period.

Ok I’ll retract the period and elaborate. The gym is almost the size of a football pitch, with multi-choices of workouts to sweat on. And the treadmills are all equipped with individual television with over 40 channels to choose from. And (again) it’s equipped with microphone so you won’t distract the person beside you who might be watching Discovery and you indugling in the latest MTV.

After a tired workout, what you’d look for is a sauna, soothing jacuzzi, and nice bath. You get all of those here too of course.

Here comes the best part. As I was going for a business trip, I didn’t bother to bring my sports shoe for workout. And to my utmost surprise, the gym registrar actually provided me with a pair of Adidas shoes and a fresh pair of socks, for FREE! But don’t dream on, because they are not that stupid to give them to you, you’ll have to return it.

But still, this gym rocks big time and I’m hell sure to visit it again the next 2 days! Heck!


The Love with Tropicana City Mall

The first encounter was a month plus back when I was there with my family for dinner in Esquire Kitchen.

The second, which happened today, will not be one that I want to remember much.

It was a colleague’s birthday celebration, so we hopped over there for a late lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse. Pictures of food on the menu could sometimes be quite deceiving huh? Ordered this steak which came out to be two small finely sliced piece of beef, but the taste was no doubt excellent, just the size that disappointed me.

When we were done with it, we hurriedly rushed off for appointment at USJ. I was turning a corner towards the exit of the car park, when I heard a loud bang from the front right of my tyre, sort of like banging onto something. Tried moving forward a bit and realised it was a bit hard to accelerate, soon to find out that the tyre has punctured on the side of it. Couldn’t be fixed anymore, hence the need to swap another tyre. Thank God it didn’t cost as much as I would have expected. But still, unnecessary money wasted.

After work, I parked my car at the mall (AGAIN) to wait upon KM to fetch me to Klang for a meeting. No dejavu feelings, which is a good thing.

Wow, almost 2AM now and I find it rather hard to rest my head. Perhaps the ride back from Klang was rather comfortable 😀

Being light-headed on Easter

Pardon me if you see any typo in this post as I’m seriously lost (@confuesed, @ half-drunk, @tired, @ etc) while writing this. Bet I’m gonna have one hell of a hangover when i wake up from my less-than-3-hours-sleep.

Today, er, I mean yesterday, was another hell of a day. It started with waking at 7am to go for a hike with the Raleigh Team to Sg Lepuk Falls in Ulu Langat. The bunch were great and friendly, while the trip was, although tiring, but a really relaxing and fun experience. Will definitely visit this site again either with the Lams or the DRs.

Right after that, I adjourned back home for a quick shower before departing for Putra Stadium. Unexpectedly, the traffic was good and I even had time to have dinner with the Lams. It was amazing right through the presentation. everything went well with some minor glitches, but generally it was good. My makeup wasn’t that perfect after all, as I’ve got feed-backs that my eyebrows were to thick and looked that Shin Chan +_+ The number of lives saved on Friday was 75 and I certainly hope the numbers tonight surpasses it. For this is what we want for all the hardship we endure during the practices and rehearsals, to see lives being touch by the Big Guy up there.

Again, without even having any time to catch a deep breath, i had to change and rush to Zeta Bar, Hilton Central to join my collegues and an important client from Jakarta for a drink. Most of the people who were there are more older, which my collageues thereby said I looked the youngest and best loooking. I’ll take that as a compliment 😛 The band performing were awesome too, expecially the guitarist! Total pro-ness in the way he plays!

Hence I am where I am now, 4am in the morning and I’m well awake. BUT, I will have to force myself to sleep so I could at least looked better in the dance tomorrow. So, nitez peeps!

What a Week!

How could I sum up my week so far? Few words i say – tired, tired & tired again! Yea this has been the way it is for the whole week. But, I bet we’re gonna save lifes through this production, with God’s help of course!

To see everything coming together is really satisfying, and hopefully it will touch the people’s heart. For it is said that as we do our best, God will do the rest.

Too bad i won’t be involved tomorrow as I’ve got my company’s annual dinner on, boo! BUT, I’m sure it’s gonna be tiring as well being in the dinner, with loads of people to entertain. Argh…

So then, I hope I’ll see you guys in the stadium, and try to spot me if you’re around 🙂

Easter ’09

You are worthy of more, You are worthy of more,

they don’t understand,

Jesus, You are worthy of more

As believers of Jesus sadly weep over His crucifixion, “they” were busy controlling the crowd, making sure they don’t go near the cross, or whipping Jesus when He tiredly fell down to his knees carrying the oh-so-heavy cross, or teasing Him while seeing Him breathing his last breaths. Yes, the portion of “they” I’m talking about here are the Roman soldiers.

Well, mainly because one of my part is to play the character of a Roman soldier. Am trying to figure out what is the general feeling of a Roman soldier when they hung Jesus or controlling the crowd. As taught, we must live our character and become one with it. And through this, I could really feel the scenario that took place two thousand years ago, when the actual incident took place. How horrible must it be to see Jesus being treated as such.

Easter is looming….


p/s: A young girl (can’t recall her name) came over during the practice, and said she can’t help but to laugh when I show an angry face during the act. Guess I could work more on this, lol.