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Dillema v2

To stay? Or to move on?

To move on? Or to improvise?

To improvise here? Or out there?

So many questions. So many doubts. So many worries. So many solutions, in objective of choosing to right one.

How lah? LOL.



Stop reading my blog!! hehehhehe….

faster pack up and go to your class la if not late d kena marah… lol….


Bravo to the Malaysia team for being able to crave out a score of a 3-2 defeat to Manchester United. Most neutralists would think they’d get their ass whipped but it didn’t happen, so kudos to them. But well, United were playing like, I predict, 20% of their full potential and it was a sad sight to see them play like this. As much as United fans would love to see them play at full fledged, I think they had to apply limited damage to the national team just so they won’t make them looked so lousy. Hence, even United were going to play again, and provided I am still in KL, I would also turn down the opportunity to watch them, reason being that why pay so much to see your favourite team under perform, playing like relegation threatened team? Heck no. Still, I’m glad to meet the players i adore, players i normally watch via a big color box.

Poolside, Sutramas

Am currently chilling at the poolside now with 2 big boys playing in the pool (swimming competition, splashing water, etc). Lol. Decided not to take a splash as I’ve not fully recovered from my fever.

In fact, I did something so noble today I think i deserved a pay raise! HAHA. I had MC for the day but i went in to work half day! That’s what morons do right? It’s just that I’ve got so much work pending I can’t afford not to settle it. I actually woke up quite early but the whole duration I was thinking about work! How crazy am I huh. Well, looking at the bright side, perhaps I’m finally doing something RIGHT. Even got my leave shorten to half a day for tomorrow. How great.

But yes, tomorrow’s the day! The day I will be able to see my beloved team play in my not-so-beloved homeland play on our turf, lol. Waited for almost 8 years la, hence the anticipation. The likes of Andy Cole, Ronny Johnsen, Dennis Irwin and co won’t be here this time round, but young players equally brilliant such as Wayne Rooney (My FAV!!), Orbetan, Nani, Anderson, etc will be here to entertain us with their silky skills and performances. Hope they don’t thrash the Malaysian team so badly though 🙂

Woah, I didn’t know there’s so many mosquitoes in my condo. Getting bitten by them as I’m typing. Bloody mosquitoes, literally.

Ok the 2 big boys are finally done with swimming. Sauna, next! 🙂

Harry Disappointing!

Dozed off at least 3 or 4 times in the movie. The show was utterly boring. I think the director was trying to add more love spice to the show which i really think it didn’t help, especially “Won-won” and the girl that goes all mad for him (can’t recall the name). At one point you would think Harry has more interest in girls than magic. Lol. Can’t even recall the climax of the show (is there even one?) Was there waiting, wondering when will the show end because i was struggling with the seat.

Fell sick real bad after the show, a sudden high fever that hit me, and I’ve got MC for the day! haha.Heading off to the clinic now.

Thanks for caring. It really meant a whole lot 🙂

I’m gonna get so Harry!

In case you’re wondering, NO i am not going to Yun Nam or some hair implant centre to get hairy.

My bro just walked into my room and told me he’s got premiere passes for Harry Potter’s latest episode, The Half Blood Prince, and he’s bringing me along as he always does! Ah so cool to have such a thoughtful bro, hehe 🙂 It’s happening tomorrow night, can’t wait!

And oh, I’ve just came back from Miri. End up didn’t visit Brunei as the H1n1 cases there are very high. People there are just too freaking rich, travelling around the world, coming back and infecting their country mates. Managed to go over to Niah Caves however. Nice scenery but has a very stinky smell, I think it’s bat shit or some other birds’ waste. Even had the chance to drive on the land of Borneo, using my colleague’s cousin’s VIOS driving on trunk roads at speed as high as 130km/h, totally awesome 🙂

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Manchester United is coming to town!! And also the chance to meet up with my two best buddies doing nothing but talking crap together. Shall blog more about it soon.

So much to look forward this week, I bet it’s gonna be a good one!


Was watching ESPN and the headnews  was about Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid, with over 80,000 fans greeting him in Bernabau. Am not sure to feel happy or sad that he left, hence indifferent. Happy because someone big-headed, bigger-than-club player has left, but sad because such a decorative, reigning world player of the year wants to move on.

England, very nice referees, but La Liga, UNBELIEVABLE referees

He is so gonna enjoy the treatment of the referees there. LOL.

Thank God right after Sports Centre, there’s this hot dog eating competition which was rather hilarous to watch, seeing those people gobbling down endless hot dogs into their mouths. The winner ate 61 hot dogs in 10 freaking minutes! Amazing.

One tip to consume hot dogs faster. Dip the bun into water to soften it, thus easier to push into the mouth and swallow.


p/s: Heard from a friend that Singaporean guys are not as gentle as Malaysians. Anyone beg to differ? haha.

Man Vs Wild

He actually caught and cooked a skunk? Goodness gracious. And ate some awful maggots, used his shoelace to collect water, etc. He’s amazing, provided the show is surreal.

There’s no sentiment when it comes to surviving.

How true huh?

On the other hand, my mom asked whether I’ve already got a new girlfriend. I guess it’s because I’ve been sms-ing alot these few days. I hope I didn’t disappoint her with my answer. LOL. I’m enjoying every single moment I’m having now and have no plans to change, yet.


“I tried my best Pete, but I couldn’t stop him”, Andy Roddick upon his defeat to the history-making, 15th Grand Slam winner Roger Federer.


p/s: My apologies LPZ for lying that I’ve slept, the hype of the match kept me awake… lol…

pp/s: Getting extremely addicted to Russell Peters’ show. Even watched with the parents just now (my third time). Can’t help it, he’s just too good, TOO GOOD! (*with the stylo indian ascent). Trust me Yeekai you should really download and watch it. Wait, not you should, but rather, you MUST!!