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5 Star Masterclass

Congratulations Mr. Wayne, you’ve just achieved the centurion that only a handful of people belonged to.


I want a piggy back ride too, lol.

United were missing hell lot of chances in the first half, but thank God they found their touch in the second period.

And oh, guess who scored too….


The forgotten man, Michael Owen.

Good job, guy.



This show is not bad at all. They do the scenes where you think something scary might happen, but actually didn’t materialise it. A sense of creativity, nicely done 🙂

The little girl’s name is Isabelle Fuhrman. She might looked kind of odd here in this suit:


But in actual fact, she is one underage hot girl!


Awesome…. Haha….

Gotta hit the bed! 🙂

Primary School Frenzy

Am so glad I did it.

Facebook’s really awesome. It brings long lost friends back together.

See what I mean:

Now, next is to organize a gathering, providing I can gather time for it. LOL.

p/s: No feelings attached no more.


I thought it was going to be a very rough and harsh chat. But I was wrong.

And I have been worrying about it for 2 days. LOL.


RAWR. See, I told you. I told you he’s going to make an impact.

Rooney, 34′

You are so going to love United one day, more than me 😛

Futsal tomorrow! Can’t wait 🙂

Update: You said you love Manchester United last night!! HAHAHA.






Aww… So lovely 🙂

I thought it was 16%. LOL.

More work still to be done though.

Living in Dreams

I had the best dream of my life last night!

Till that God-knows-who invented alarm clock nudged me off my lovely dream. Argh.


If only life is as colorful as this building located in front of my room. I bet dream does, judging on my previous.

Glad to be able to feed my stomach with some hygiene-declined but awesome Masakan Padang.


So many choices lar! But only tried less than half of those. Not cheap either.

3 helpings of tea won’t kill you eh? Had Jasmine, Darjeeling, and now Java black tea. I supposed it’s better than 3 doses of coffee.


Another late night with few tough emails to follow up.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night to come 🙂

Cheap & Good

That’s another abbreviation for C&G.

Definitely found something cheap & good after work today.



Super duper cheap here, although the price has slightly hiked up. Was IDR 6000 per piece but now IDR7000. Only a fraction of about RM0.35 higher, but the more you buy, the more you will feel the pinch.

Woops, now you guys know I bought Hannah Montana: The Movie. Trust me it’s I’m purely buying it for my sis. It’s the sis, not me 😛


You know who you are.

Okay the pic’s a bit exaggerating. We’re not separated that far away. LOL.

And yea, it’s not cool 😦

Jakarta, Indonesia


A cup of Irish Cream Coffee, and


A Tripledecker.

It doesn’t make the the perfect breakfast, but definitely my favorite every time I’m in KLIA.

From KL to Jakarta. From Le Meridien, KL (pass by it at KL Sentral) to Le Meridien, Jakarta.

From a jammed up town to a very freaking jammed up town.

How great.


At least, the hotel is nice 🙂


The bed I’m going to fully utilize. To sleep of course, in case your mind wandered off.

Lasting = lusting?? HAHAHA 😛


One of the building in front of the hotel. World Trade Centre. LOL scary.


This picture is to clear the air for some people who might think Jakarta is not an advanced city. They have got loads and loads of skyscrappers.

Had one of the best char kuey teow for dinner. Best of all, it’s beef char kuey teow. Just imagine Penang char kuey teow fried with beef in it and that’s the taste I got here. Awesomeness.

Gotta hit the bed now. Feeling extremely tired.

p/s: I miss ya.

It’s all about COKE

As I’ve promised, some pics on my coke cabinet, which has been slowly but surely growing in numbers. It might very well run out of space soon. No idea yet how to deal with this problem, will just let it be for now.


The top layer of the cabinet. Hey, the blue piggy is there at the top! It’s looking for its far far away pink piggy. It thought it could look further by standing at the peak. LOL. And oh, did anyone tell you that koalas are in love with coke? Now you know.


First layer again with lightings from the cabinet itself.


Yes, even Jack Jack loves coke. You can tell by its grin over the camera.


3rd layer


The bottom layer, where coke bottles of different heights stand up against each other.


An overall shot of the whole cabinet. Please do not mind the angle. Was in a hurry to recharge the camera battery.

So, if you’re interested to add in any coke cans or bottles into my “hall of fame” cabinet, do not hesitate to inform me. There should be space, me thinks 🙂

 Was cleaning up my upper shelf, mainly because it was filled with dust, and I’ve decided to put him on the spotlight too!


GOOFY! Where lameness originates.


Connie & Wen Ni, this pic’s up my shelf too! Haha. Ah I’m starting to miss HK as well, especially Disneyland. I want to see Goofy in person and take a snap with him.


p/s: Off to Jakarta!

Blessed Anniversary!

It is a wonderful day indeed as it was my parents’ 29th year Anniversary!

So funny la. Halfway through the sermon today in church, my mom asked me to pass a note to my dad, writing “happy 29th Anniversary!” on it. Then my dad saw the note and wrote back the same thing. So lovely aren’t they? Haha.

Thanks for being such a blessing in my life. You both are probably the best gift God has given me.


I love you heaps! 🙂

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