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Just in case you can’t see her face at the previous post, this is it:


Here you go, the culprit and me.

Ahh, some people might say the photo’s a bit too small, tak nampak muka.

No worries, I’ve got another photo of her caught in mischief again.




1, 2, 3, Dance!

My groin was aching like mad after the dance practice yesterday. Had to do high kicks which were really taxing on me, not like I’m super flexible.

But i’ll… take it… as a… challenge…..

And oh, am starting to train for my upcoming 12KM run in Klang. Started quite well with a routine 3 plus km run at the gym earlier today. Hope to pace it up to the usual 6-7km run around Dutamas by end of the week.

With futsal tomorrow, I’m crossing my fingers that I will be injure myself in any way.


The inconsiderate Singapore PR


Australia-nised Koreans

Was shown to this by a friend of mine, whose main purpose was to tell me the girl at the left looked very similar with her:

At certain angle, yea, he was right, but i think she is prettier, haha!

I like the last part of this vid, whereby they had a snippet of chipmunks version of the song, pretty cool.

After absorbing the hype that she looks like a youtube star, only did I realised these girls could really sing.

Check out this next vid:

Their voice is really nice and sweet. Am really impressed with Sonia’s ability to both play guitar and sing so well, very admirable.

Oh by the way, they named themselves JS, which stands for Janice and Sonia. They are Koreans raised up in Sydney, Australia and are twins aged 23 (same as me!).


p/s: waiting for her to call me now 🙂

pp/s: will be having both LMA training and Christmas dance training this Sunday at the same time. Can’t decide which to attend and which to miss 😦

The D36 Incident

Thanks to my great ability of time estimation, I was really late for my flight back from the Lion City.

The closing of the check in time was 45 minutes before departure time but I only got there 30 minutes before time. And that was already because I ran my way from the MRT to the SkyTrain and all the way to the counter, with my pants constantly dropping off because it was too loose.

The check in counter lady informed me that the check in period has closed and was reluctant to get me in. And there was I, at my best, doing the sympathetic look and constantly panting to create the pathetic look. At the end, she finally gave in and checked me in. Thank God!

Next up, it was the immigration department to stamp the passport. According to the flight ticket, I’ll need to be at the gate 20 minutes before departure time, and it was 25 minutes before departure time that I was still stuck in my line, which is particularly slow because the officer was taking his own sweet time doing his job, while other lines were much quicker. I was again, very stressed up that I wouldn’t make it in time. Then, there was a lady, quite a pretty one (not all pretty girls are bad okay), who offered me her place in line. She asked whether I was in a hurry and realised that was the case when she saw my ticket. Quickly, I was able to pass through and I thank her countlessly before rushing off to the gate.

And came the highlight of the day. I was on quick steps walking towards Gate D36. I chose not to run this time as I was afraid my pants might just fall down and I might have trouble with the airport cops for attempting to be a flasher. Flight was 4:10 and I reached the gate at 3:51. I thought being late by 1 minute wouldn’t matter. But to my utmost horror, the gate was already closed! I was shell shocked, thinking all my efforts were wasted. No aircrafts were seen nearby too, giving me the thought that the aircraft has left. Devastated as I am, my mind was quickly thinking of alternatives I could take to get back.

Just as all hopes seem to be gone, I had a last look at my ticket. And all glory to God, I found out that my gate was actually D35 instead of D36!  I hurried myself to that gate. Lo and behold, the gate was still opened and I managed to get in the boarding room!

The best thing of all, the aircraft came late by almost an hour. Crap.

Lesson learnt.


Blogging via Wifi

Am at Ali Maju Sri Rampai now. Initially i thought i couldn’t blog via the phone due to some technical problem, but thanks to my barnabas i am able to now. All glory to him, haha.

By the way, he told me he misses someone in JB now, lol, woops, i mean India. Nah just kidding, he misses me most. His bro too. Ahh I’m so loved 😀

Jehovah Jireh

My God is really a God of provider…

Was cleaning the crazy mess in my room when my mom suddenly asked me about my upcoming Singapore trip. I told her my plans there and jokingly asked whether is she gonna pay for my trip. She told me she’s got some leftover cash and will pass over to me. So I smiled and continued my work.

When she returned, she brought the money in, along with some coins. I didn’t really bother to count because to be frank, I didn’t expect much. Once I’m done with my work, I walked over to put the money into my wallet and to my surprise, the so called leftover cash was SGD49.60! The ironic thing was, I actually planned to exchange my RM for SGD50 first before going over and get the rest there. Awesome stuff yo!

God provides in manners you never expect, and sometimes pretty accurate to what you need too 🙂

I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings. (Psalm 77:11,12)

Hectic Weekend

Had another of those really busy weekend.

It started off with an overnight stay at the Lam’s to “polish” our skills. Didn’t work out in the end (lol) but still, had a wacky time with bunch.


Getting excited that we hooked on 4 PCs for gaming. Don’t ask me about Kah Leong’s expression 😛


He’s all geared up from head to toe 😀

Played the whole morning till we didn’t have time for breakfast, hence we decide to go for something extreme, spicy enough to make us HOT.


This is too mild, ain’t it?


One scoop of chili, caaaaaannnnnnnooooooottttt la….


2 scoops, still cannnnnnoooottt la….


3 scoops… Ok ok la… *starting to sweat*


<Reply to Kah Leong and Ngeow> You can do 4 scoops, I can do as well! Note that the chili starts to form a pyramid shape.

At the end, it wasn’t that spicy after all, although my stomach made some noise soon after. But the noodles are good 🙂

Didn’t have much sleep that night, because I have to wake up at 5am, drive over to Hur’s place, where he drove me along another friend and himself to Putrajaya.


4th International Ekiden Marathon was the event’s name. It requires 5 person in a team, where each participant will need to run around 3KM. Got the number 77E. Your lucky number 7 dar, on the double 🙂


Me and my group mates for the run. Sense the racial harmony between us? *laughs evilly*


Can you imagine we nearly walked off without our medals? We actually didn’t know we were entitled to it. Lol.

Now you have a clearer picture of what’s happening in my life currently. If I haven’t been keeping in touch with you guys, you should know why now, haha. But not to worry, I’m trying my utmost best to contact ya’ll for something.

Monday looms, argh….


Then & Now

Wow it’s Friday once again.

I wouldn’t want to remember what I did this very moment last Friday, as memories of it makes me feel kind of sad now, and the oh so many wishes that last Friday was this Friday, and next Friday, and the following Friday, and so on. Well, you get what I mean. To cut the long story short, I wished she was here all the time.

Compare last Friday and now. I was watching a movie with someone so special, but right now I’m waiting for 2 guys at McDonalds, not even knowing what time will they end before I could go over, pick them up, and drive over Lam’s place. Darn. Talk about contrastism, if even the word exists. Lol.

I miss…. fetching you in my car… watching a show with you… holding your warm soft hands when mine’s cold… seeing you at your “best” while taking a fun ride in Genting (LOL)…  staring at your cuteness when you’re asleep while i drive down the windy roads… miss you feeding me…  miss you trying so hard to pinch me in public (this is hilarious)…

Argh, so many misses… how larh…


I thought I could fly by wearing that T-shirt. Oh, how wrong was I.


The piggies/octopuses reunited, with love beneath them.

Life goes on I guess, and I’d better live well with it. 12 more days anyways, not that long eh?

And I’ve got a bunch of jokers with me


Am still waiting, for 2 jokers, haha…