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She’s coming back, after a long never-seem-to-come-too-soon week. Well, back not meaning literally in KL, but at least somewhere I could contact her as per usual. Can’t wait 🙂

The decision to go prayer meeting last night was a good call by all means. The encouragement by some people, eg. Cmdr YY who came over and said “Do you know that we don’t have life group meeting today?”. Lol, I’ll take that as a statement of encouragement. You see, normally I won’t attend prayer meeting unless there’s a life group meeting after that. So, I guess she was kind of surprised, even perplexed, to see me yesterday.

Was feeling quite down the whole week, due to some particular person not around (yes, you) and the future ahead that looks unclear. I needed something, something that could make me feel life is more than itself. And during worship, when some of the songs were sung, I felt deeply convicted of my purpose in this world. There was this one song that made my eyes teared while singing (can’t remember the song title), but it sings about us giving out our hearts to God while we are on earth. I just feel like breaking down, but thank God KM came over halfway and I managed to hold myself together, haha.

May this not be just another feel-good temporal factor, something that always happen to me, but a great desire and burden to live for God, and not for any other purposes. For when we seek first the kingdom of God, all other things shall be given unto us (Matt 6:33)

Had a drink with the ranger gang, joined by Cmdr Jim and Cmdr Sasha this time round. We’re going to Tahan next year!! Well, they asked me to organized and i duly did so by volunteering to drive them to the start point and fetch them back, haha. But no, I would love to go again. The great bonding time and all the experience, is simply priceless.

Going for a 12km run tomorrow in Klang with my Bar. Not prepared, but all things are possible through Christ, our strength. Hoping for some physical strength too, which is very much-needed.

Time oh time may you swiftly pass by now 🙂


Happy Birthday!!

To the guy who taught me the art of flirting…

To the guy who spent 3 years crapping with me each time we met…

To the guy who had more flings than any other guys in Uni…

Blessed birthday!!


He’s gonna go all berserk if he sees this, haha…

Sorry la bro, this is the only presentable photo i could find from facebook.. haha..

Have a great 24th!

Hot Rangers’ LifeGroup! :)

Dear all, may I present to you, RR Commanders LG…

*drum rolls*


Honestly, the cardboard was a bit unclear. I’ve edited it and it looks something like this:


Hansel’s pretty much hooked onto JS’ videos and can’t take them off his mind, lol. He’s taking Janice, and Kah Leong’s taking Sonia. None left for me, but it’s fine as I’ve still got my LPZ, hahaha…

It was a simply ceremony held after the sermon was preached in the evening service.


Our very own Life Group leader in uniform, just as us. I think she’s got the most cheer from us bunch when going up to receive the letter of appointment 🙂

We should have said “yayayaya” instead of cheering la, lol.

As usual, some poser pics (very very usual) after the ceremony. It was kept to an utmost minimal.


I see this as a very nice promotional photo to get people to join us.

Wait wait, maybe this is better.


Pre-requisites to join us:

  • Be a KL#1 Commander
  • Lame
  • Even lamer
  • As we are already hitting the quota for guys, we regret to inform that only females applications will be considered

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and be physically, spiritually, mentally and socially filled? 🙂