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Building Boys is Better Than Mending Men~~

So you must come and join the Rangers Programme~~

Yes, indeed training up boys when they are still young is better than trying to tell an adult what is right. Though, efforts have to be put in too. Imagine losing your voice in few hours, and bearing the never ending voices of boys all around you.

Still, it is well worth it, something the boys will remember for life, such experience. Just like myself, remembering the first fire I built.

The first boys who managed to get their fire started 🙂

In deep discussion…

Learning a thing or two from Cmdr. Hansel, the Coffee Bean avid supporter (he hates Starbucks, lol)

Aren’t they all so cute??



Currently waiting for my flight at the newly opened Oldtown Kopitiam in KLIA. The view of the restaurant here overseeing the flying ground is rather pleasant. However, I could also say that the service here is all but efficient. They are using the numbering system, whereby you make your order, pay for it, and wait for your number to be out on the screens before collecting your meal, more or less like a bank.

Ah, I miss O’Briens. However, my aircraft this trip is not over at the other side, hence, settling on this shop over here.

3 days in Jakarta coming up, my last? I’m not so sure. Nonetheless, I’m sure things will change pretty soon for me, for the better I certainly hope.

In the Meantime

Am currently waiting for my nuggets to be baked. Hence, in the meantime…

Got to wake up early to have companion in church, something I find really important. Imagine going to church alone, it’s kind of boring you know. Yea, I will agree that going to church is a personal matter between you and God, but sometimes, it is the friends you have in church that encourage you to be there with them, FOR God.

Had my breakfast with the Lam family except KL and the dad. Ordered a Thosai (ironically, if you pronounced it in Hokkien, it means pouring shit). Had to remind the Ah-Ne I want is garing, sangat garing, because I hate it being soft, might really taste like sai in the end if soft.

Fun fact on Thosai. While writing this, I took the time to wiki Thosai. This is the introduction of it:

The dosa (Tulu,Kannada: ದೋಸೆ, Tamil: தோசை, Telugu: దోసె, Malayalam: ദോശ) is a crêpe made from rice and black lentils. It is a typical dish in South Indian cuisine, eaten for breakfast or dinner, and is rich in carbohydrates and protein. It is generally believed that dosa had its roots in the Temple Streets of Udupi, Karnataka. Dosa is also noted in the Tamil Sangam Literature from 100 BC to 300 AD (“idaichangam” literature) and later, around 6th century AD. (

Interesting to find out it’s such an old delicacy.

Oh, here comes the ringing of the oven. Got to go! 🙂

Here it Goes again

I’m MIA, once again, just like the season, I’m finally back after a 3 month lapse.

Life has been tough, but well, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

After here and there and everywhere. Had some of the best moments in my life.

And it does not seem like stopping. Here goes:

  • To Jakarta next week!
  • To JB in a fortnight!
  • Lastly, Shanghai in 3 weeks…

And if things fall into places, I might even go some other places I’ve never been.

A shout out to the Big Guy above for His wonderful blessings, also His protection throughout my journey of life.

Have been growing closer to Him by trying my utmost best to keep to a devotion and lots of prayers plus trust in Him.

All’s well, for now 🙂