I’m Missing Someone

You guys must be thinking it’s her, and the fact is, I do miss her a lot, the most of all 🙂

But guess who I saw on the streets of Shanghai…

Euwen!! (or maybe, Eugene) 

Believe it or not, it was my mom who asked me to look at this guy, and I managed to snap him before he cycled off.



  1. limchoonkiat Said:

    yeah..look alike

  2. yeekai Said:

    then u sould shot ham ka chan to the fella,no worry,he wont understand cantonis…
    hey,the sohai tall eric is oso currently at shang hai training,u can call him n c how,then u two can go get lucky with some shang hai chick there..
    i will email u his contact number n msn,as u two can contact each other 🙂

  3. ur lao po zai Said:

    *cough*cough* ur LPZ do read ur blog. Wanna get lucky with some shanghai chick there??? don announce it to the public especially where ur LPZ get to see..

  4. timothyltw Said:

    aiya, didn’t manage to check out any chicks in the end, was too busy rushing around here and there…

    anywways, no need to look around right.. got u already more than enough 😀

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