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Turn around, bright eyes…

Have you ever wondered how a song could oh-so-easily influenced your mood? I was just done teasing my sister when i came in my room, when i turned on this song, the atmosphere just changed like a click.

Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart
There’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart

Ok before i go on, no I’m not a love emo freak who rants around when i don’t get things my way in a relationship. It’s just that I’m a person who pays close attention to the lyrics of a song. Well, frankly speaking, besides songs from my crush Lady Gaga, I’m quite particular about the lyrics of a song. Hell yea, Lady Gaga has got exceptional exception because of her superb, outrageous, extraordinary, gorgeous, stupendous (the list goes on) S.T.Y.L.E.

Ahh… How could you not love her… hahhahaa xD

Ok back to topic, yea back to the song. See how easily I get distracted by her…

How does it feel to fall in love, and fall apart after that? I’m not sure have i ever been through that myself. But I think that the song is trying to express how overpowering and overshadowing love can be. You could be so engrossed in it for a moment, but when it’s gone, it leaves sort of like a black hole in your heart, sucking every possible light in your life.

Hence, cherish your loved ones. Things might not be smooth when you’re together, but it is when you’re apart that you feel the pinch and loneliness.

Once again, I’m not in an emo state, in case you’re wondering why this post…



1) It’s been more than 4 months since my last post

2) I have no time (or rather, too lazy) to blog

3) I’ve got a new job. Well, not theoretically. I’m into it for almost 3 months. But heck, it might be news to some of you guys right? Haha 🙂

4) I’m almost 11 months in love! haha. Hey, “I’m very loyal one k” lol.

I could go on with the list and it might have no end to it, so i guess i better stop, and start having the habit to blog again. It is said that the best way for friends to keep track on you is by updating your blog. Gone are the days you would call and talk to your friends, but rather, but just a simple blog, everyone would know how’s your life going round.

A very relaxing Sunday as there’s no Rangers meeting. Even had time to go planetarium with my sexy Lam and the sis to check out the place before bringing the kids over. Felt like a small kids when I’m in it. Heck, the last time i was there was during VBS almost 12 years ago! Of course, to a certain extent, it made me feel young once again.

On a sidenote, was sitting behind a couple in church today. Somehow the thought of me and someone came floating in my mind. It was then when I got closer to that certain someone and things developed into a dream, but now just a blurred distant memory. Ahh, I think the Korean song I’m currently listening to is playing emotions into my mid. Ok out it goes 🙂

Work is tiring, more than i thought. But, I’m loving it, still, for now, I hope 🙂

Take care!