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Inconsiderate Bunch

Am currently in the boarding room waiting to get into the aircraft.

Found out that many people are rather inconsiderate. They could lie down on few chairs and fall asleep soundly while the rest had to stand and wait. This is terrible, couldn’t believe they had such high ignorance level.

On the bright side, I’m flying off soon. I hope it would be a good ride there. It’s 3.30AM and i’m feeling kind of exhausted. Praying hard for strength to start the journey.

p/s: Miss you…



Currently waiting for my flight at the newly opened Oldtown Kopitiam in KLIA. The view of the restaurant here overseeing the flying ground is rather pleasant. However, I could also say that the service here is all but efficient. They are using the numbering system, whereby you make your order, pay for it, and wait for your number to be out on the screens before collecting your meal, more or less like a bank.

Ah, I miss O’Briens. However, my aircraft this trip is not over at the other side, hence, settling on this shop over here.

3 days in Jakarta coming up, my last? I’m not so sure. Nonetheless, I’m sure things will change pretty soon for me, for the better I certainly hope.

I’m gonna get so Harry!

In case you’re wondering, NO i am not going to Yun Nam or some hair implant centre to get hairy.

My bro just walked into my room and told me he’s got premiere passes for Harry Potter’s latest episode, The Half Blood Prince, and he’s bringing me along as he always does! Ah so cool to have such a thoughtful bro, hehe 🙂 It’s happening tomorrow night, can’t wait!

And oh, I’ve just came back from Miri. End up didn’t visit Brunei as the H1n1 cases there are very high. People there are just too freaking rich, travelling around the world, coming back and infecting their country mates. Managed to go over to Niah Caves however. Nice scenery but has a very stinky smell, I think it’s bat shit or some other birds’ waste. Even had the chance to drive on the land of Borneo, using my colleague’s cousin’s VIOS driving on trunk roads at speed as high as 130km/h, totally awesome 🙂

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Manchester United is coming to town!! And also the chance to meet up with my two best buddies doing nothing but talking crap together. Shall blog more about it soon.

So much to look forward this week, I bet it’s gonna be a good one!

To the North

What a gruesome and tiring day it will be. Have to drive all the way up to Penang to attend 2 appointments and drive back down the same day, which means a total of 8 hours’ drive all within a day. Definitely not going to be easy but it is what I had to do, so no complaints about it.

Currently waiting  for my colleague to arrive in office before departing. Wait, just got a text from him saying he will be a little late. I certainly hope I had enough sleep last night.


The trip was great. My colleague (a man in his 40s) was telling me interesting stories as we travelled, notably his study stint in Canada. It was quite an experience to hear about his life over there. Stories from his relatives whom he stayed with, his old car, his friends, etc. I don’t know but I really do enjoy getting to know someone deeper than the surface.

Went to Penang Road for a quick bite but was disappointed by the absense of Char Koay Teow and Asam Laksa, boo. In the end we only manage to have a Chendol and Hokkien Mee each to ourselves. Work wise, everything went well even though one of the centre had some minor glitches, but thank God it was solved. Reached home at about 10PM to have dinner before hitting the bed right after that. Yea I know, its fattening to do such deed, but I was seriously dead tired when I’m back. Imagine more than 8 hours of driving all within a day, my gosh.

But I’m still in one piece, thank God….