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Its the midst of my semester holidays now but i have no sense of excitement. No heart to do anything nor plan anything. Thankfully though i have good friends, friends that have plan some activity and invited me. At least i can follow the flow and have a tiny bit of joy that could hopefully help stir my downbeat heart now.

The feeling in my heart is really uncertain. Never have I felt this way before. Similar ones there are but certainly not like this one. Is it the feeling of numbness? A bit of it. Feeling of giving up? Maybe. Feeling of letting go? Probably too. Feeling of continuing on? I really hope so. I don’t know what to do now, again. For you all who know me must be thinking “Again ar?” Yes u can think that way. I hope it is too. Hope that its just another process to go through and get over it.

Sometimes i wonder the emotions and sentiments involved in drama series are true. Most doesn’t seem real to me. I take them as just mere pleasure to watch and enjoy. Some are so fake and i bet u guys think the same way. What triangle love lar, A love B, B love C, C love D and D love A lar,  cry here cry there lar, cannot tolerate each other then fight fight fight lar, all craps to me. But when i encounter problems myself only i know some (and i do mean some and not ALL) are true in real life too.

Anyways, lets not talk too much that, not worth wasting too much of my time on it. Back to today i had quite a hectic day. Had to wake up at 9am and have a date with my mom at ikea. Bought stuffs and brought it over to my new place. Yea i’m quite excited bout shifting but i hate the process. Freaking tired and lazy to do all the packing and unpacking. But well, still have to do it and i’m nearly 75% to finish packing all my things in my present room.

Its over midnight now and i still cant lay my head to sleep. I guess my brain is still thinking too much of things now. It wasting a lot of my time thinking of things but i just cant get it off my head. I hope i could but, i can’t……


First Post

Well yea i’ve got nothing better to do, lying on my bed, so tot of blogging on something new. Normally i would use msn blog but wanted to try on something new so i hooked myself onto this. Basically nothing much to tell, just trying some of its features here. Pretty cool i can say.

1 thing to add here, i’d finish my exams, woohoo!

Hello world!

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