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Last Night

I break, I cry,

You break, you buy.

Something interesting I saw while shopping in Mal Ambasador and ITC Kuningan. A bit different from the norm seen.

Ahh, finally its coming to an end. Will definitely miss the room and shopping experience here. The flight’s at 1545 tomorrow and expected to land in KLIA at 1845 KL time barring no delays whatsoever. And then its up north to Penang early early early morning of Sunday. Oh wells, at least the ang pao due to receive will be of much encouragement and motivation, haha.

Can’t wait….


The Sky Seems to Look More Blue Here

Maybe it is because I do not have the time to look into the skies in KL, always busy with so much to do. Over here, especially in the taxi caught in the traffic, you will have nothing to do you resort to do every tiny little thing, which led to me looking at the skies.

I am getting sick of buffet meals now, particularly here in Le Meridien. Had too much of it for breakfast that I had to call off lunch because my stomach just can’t take any more food.

Had a very bad hair cut just now +_+ I was praying the whole time my hair was cut but looked like it didn’t work well. Cost me 38k but am not satisfied at all with the style, not the price. I think she did not get what I was explaining to her regarding the hairstyle I wanted so it ended up badly. So if you see me any soon, please bear with the wonderful hairstyle I have.

The stomach started growling when we were having a meeting with the peeps from LSPR (a college in Jakarta that is pretty much modern with cool equipments) because of the lunch meal i skipped. And it was topped up with the cold beer I had while we chilled out in a poolside cafe. The bunch of teachers from UK were courteuos enough to offer to drink more but my stomach couldn’t take any more beer. The way they drink and smoke in huge amounts were quite amazing. Guessed they are used to doing these back in UK.

After it was over, we hurried ourselves to somewhere for good authetic food –  Nasi Padang. It wasn’t that far from the hotel but the journey took a long while. If you have been following my blog you’ll know the cause of it. Food was good, though my colleagues reckoned that the other shop they tried were better. I for one was not bothered at all as I was filthy hungry and kept my eyes only on the food. Had 3 portions of rice with lots of side dishes to fo with it.

So here am I in the room once again, feeling rather lonely. I think I am missing someone over here, but it doesn’t matter, haha. Ladies night today eh? With a club downstairs. Nah, too tired and lazy to try it out. Hitting the bed would be more sensible.

Being here again

Got off the plane earlier today, but yet again being greeted by the awesome road traffic here. Took us almost 1 hour plus to reach the hotel. Currently lazing around till lunch before heading off for appointments later.

Yesterday was bad. Drove over to the saloon i normally go to get my hair cut. While I was registering my name (I’m a member there that purchased the package), one of the peeps over there told me it was closed. Only did I realised that the sign hanged on the door was stated “CLOSED”. Argh… My only alternative now is to get a haircut in Jakarta, but am kind of worried that the haircut here would be different from the one I can get from KL. Certainly don’t want something too radical, especially when its CNY and you’re going to meet all your relatives. Can’t stand every single one of them commenting about it. We’ll see….

Probably will borrow the camera from my colleague and snap a few pics to display here. As for now, chillax (chill + relax) LOL…


Finally back after a long day. Started with a buffet lunch in the hotel with the person in charge from UKTI. Shared quite some laughter while eating and got to know from her places nearby where we could do some retail therapy. We then adjourned to our distributor’s office in West Jakarta. Didnt have much to do, only some minor discussions and the rest were casual. The guy there has so much work to do he wouldn’t be going back his hometown in Medan for CNY, poor lad (he’s an Indonesian Chinese). Guess he could only visit the parents after his current projects, before coming up to KL to meet with the rest of the team in C&G.

That was the end of work for us. And we were lucky he was generous enough to offer his driver to drive us all the way back to Central Jakarta, straight to ITC Kuningan, a nearby mall which has what makes Jakarta so interesting to me, the cheap DVDs! Dirt cheap mind you, only approximately RM2 per DVD. The mall was pretty much similar with Plaza Mangga Dua, which was the mall I visited last time I’m here. Spent almost 3 hours walking around, and finally settled in a local fast food restaurant called “Es Teller 77”, don’t ask me what on earth the name means. The food was average, only the side dish (called otak-otak but tasted more like keropok lekor) tasted a bit better.

To sum it all up, a good day of shopping perhaps? And I still haven’t got my hair cut, argh. Stopped by few saloons but was not convinced by the appearance, lol. Bought a lot of DVDs and am currently trying to find ways to hide it so it could pass the custom safely.

Getting kind of late here, better get some rest because its going to be another long day tomorrow. Ciao!

Sudden Thoughts

Just remembered something really stupid I did less than two weeks ago. It goes ahead to show how forgetful I could be at times.

Was with an ex-dance partner for dinner at NZX. As we were finishing our meal, the crowd started to build up with almost every other table occupied, EXCEPT this one small table for two at the corner that has a small card on it. We then started talking about the person who booked the place but never showed up, complaining how irresponsible was he to get one table but never appeared. As the conversation grew, i began to pay more attention to the little card on the table, trying to have a look at the name on the card. To my surprise, it was MY name written on it. Flashes were running through my mind and heck, only did I remember I actually BOOKED it! Argh, I’m aging, really aging, that my memory’s starting to fail me occasionally. Felt so bad that initially I owned up and apologize for the mistake (also, after some persuasion by my friend, lol).

One thing I definitely won’t forget now is that I’ll be departing for Jakarta this Wednesday, coming back on Saturday. Was due to only come back on Sunday, which is one day before CNY. But the manager was kind enough to let me go on Saturday so I could join the family on our trip north. Praise God!

Thank God too for financial provision and an increment again, my second in less than half a year’s work. It is truly a miracle and I owe Him all the glory and praise.

But as for now, I’m looking at Him for more guidance in my future that seems really uncertain in my eyes, that I’m heck sure He knows.

Of yet another typical Sunday

Woke up on time to attend Calvary today, thanks to a friend of mine whom I’ve asked to be my alarm clock for the second time. Somehow it (wait, i mean she) worked better than my alarm clock, lol. Anyways, my dear friend Sam attended first service, so I end up following the family over to SIB. The preaching was really inspiring, which is so typical of himself being ever so passionate for the work of Christ. Most of the scriptures were taken from Acts, while the focus was mainly on BARNABAS, which meant ENCOURAGEMENT. Especially in times like these, where the global economy is in turmoil, what many people would need now is not only financial support, but also encouragement to pull them through. How true and relevant was the pastor…

The evening was, as usual, spent with the Rangers. Was talking to KM about the kids coming up from Ranger Kids cometh April, and it wasn’t that happy of a news afterall. Most of them are very cheeky and hard to control. But I trust God is going to use me to translate them into mature, obedient kids, haha, talk about positiveness. Got to exhaust myself by playing football with the bunch, it is not easy to have 2 Cmdrs (including myself) going against 5-6 kids at once. They will probably have their ideas to get over us, for they are freaking smart in their own special way.

I am truly blessed to be involved in this ministry that I grew up from and I hope I will be able to commit more of my time in planning for the kids. Am currently too busy and have not been able to deliver as expected. But I am certain I could, with God’s help.

Argh… Monday is looming, surely nothing to shout about. I dread them so badly I think I’m gonna go MC, haha.



One of the latest song by leehom. The solo play by him is so awesome. He is just so freaking talented. I don’t care about him being gay whatsoever, he still is to me, the BEST.


Happy Birthday Sis!

Yea its my dear Sis’ 15thbirthday today. How time flies when it seemed not long ago she was still a lil’ kid running around the house, with the bossy bro (aka me!) always finding tricky ways to bully her. Not that I’m not bullying her anymore now, but in an altogether different way, haha.

Was up early today to have a run in Gardens searching for her present. But right before that, I hopped over to Midvalley to have a glimpse at the Postgraduate Fair. There were not much renowned Uni placing a booth there, notably only Uni of Teesside that interest me. Surprisingly there were quite a few Taiwan Uni booths that were there, with Chinese speaking marketeers trying to promote their respective Uni. I would say the fee charged are much lower but I’m not too sure about their reputation though.

After that short trip, I then adjourned back to Gardens’ Isetan to hunt for the present. I always have this problem which is to shop for a love one’s present. I just find it so hard to choose something for them even though their my closest peeps. Had to make few calls to others to ask for opinions and finally bought this dress for her which in the end I think she wants to swap it for something else. Too different than what she normally wears supposedly. Argh for so much effort and sacrifice of having to shop alone in a Women’s Department +_+

The BBQ dinner was great too. My bro and I were constantly busy with our BBQ duties while the rest were able to enjoy our good cooking 🙂 However, I managed to squeeze some time out to actually play table tennis with Kev. I’m glad my sis had a great birthday party. She deserves it *smiles*.

And guess what? (Yes, football news again :D) United is now officially, for the first time this season, top of the EPL standings! *puts the hands in the ayer* It was nerve wreaking to watch the entire game looking at the possibility of only getting a point from it. But again, yet again, we managed to squeeze in a goal in the last minute of the game to send every single United fans into rapture. We have been waiting for this moment for the past 6 months and we’ve got it. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Be strong in the GRACE

2 Timothy chapter 2 was the topic of the day, which talks about how we should strive and persevere in Christ Jesus our rock of salvation. I was very fortunate to be part of the LG where we shared our personal views on it, thus, getting to learn more from others’ perspective. I was particularly impressed with the points shared by both Kes and Sam. Kes, who is a pragmatic pessimist (lol), mentioned that God sometimes does not speak loudly, or directly to us. therefore, we should just do what is right in His sight and when we reflect on it, we might well look back and ponder, thinking that God was actually with us throughout the course, which sounds pretty cool to me. Sam’s illustration of the puzzle was equally great too. When we see a puzzle all mixed up, it would just appear as a puzzle. Once the pieces of puzzle are assembled, it will no longer be a puzzle, but a picture as a whole. In life, we might see that everything seemed to be messed up. However, when all is done according to the right place, it could all be beautiful at the end.

Ahh such an amazing night I had with the bunch. Had a quick bite at Ali Maju, where the discussion went further into movies. To summarize, the main topic was some sort like “Horror flicks, is it good or bad?”. Went round and round the details, but we could not decide then the answer. Perhaps during the next session? Haha.

Great time spent, and spiritually grown a tiny bit 🙂

p/s: All the best to “PhiLam” in his coming exams. Bet he will do well with all our prayers.


For a moment I thought I could let it go just as easy as it came,

But how wrong was I to be so naive,

Blame it to the fragile heart of mine,

Who so easily absorbs everything in like a sponge,

While forcing it all out was not as simple.


I think I miss you….

To the North

What a gruesome and tiring day it will be. Have to drive all the way up to Penang to attend 2 appointments and drive back down the same day, which means a total of 8 hours’ drive all within a day. Definitely not going to be easy but it is what I had to do, so no complaints about it.

Currently waiting  for my colleague to arrive in office before departing. Wait, just got a text from him saying he will be a little late. I certainly hope I had enough sleep last night.


The trip was great. My colleague (a man in his 40s) was telling me interesting stories as we travelled, notably his study stint in Canada. It was quite an experience to hear about his life over there. Stories from his relatives whom he stayed with, his old car, his friends, etc. I don’t know but I really do enjoy getting to know someone deeper than the surface.

Went to Penang Road for a quick bite but was disappointed by the absense of Char Koay Teow and Asam Laksa, boo. In the end we only manage to have a Chendol and Hokkien Mee each to ourselves. Work wise, everything went well even though one of the centre had some minor glitches, but thank God it was solved. Reached home at about 10PM to have dinner before hitting the bed right after that. Yea I know, its fattening to do such deed, but I was seriously dead tired when I’m back. Imagine more than 8 hours of driving all within a day, my gosh.

But I’m still in one piece, thank God….


After my dad and I did a routine gyming and sauna session, we bump into a neatly dressed guy in the lift. He was talking to another guy who stayed at the same level as him, saying something like “Baru balik dari parlimen, berbincang tentang kes palestine…”. We were suprised, but I managed to catch his name via his house card and goggled him. Evidently, he is one of the BN Parliament Member but the area he was in charge of in somewhere in Sabah.

There goes, another high profile person I have found living in my place. The previous includes the son of an ex-prominent MCA leader, and 2 celebrities. Cool ain’t it?

p/s: Had to add this after the comment by Yeekai.

Yea! There’s a black guy in my place who claimed to be Samuel Etoo’s brother! I was like what the hell initially but phycologically it became very real, even their faces started to look the same. My dad said he could be a step brother or something like this, not a real one. Well, it made sense altogether when I saw him riding his Avanza. I thought with such status he would perhaps drive something more classy, maybe a Jaguar? Haha. I know I shouldn’t be judging this matter based on just a car, but heck. Another special guy in my place then to add! 🙂

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