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Yea transition. The changing from one point to another in any aspect. A word that has become so routine. Everything is a transition. Heck, every second we live is a transition, from good to bad or vice versa. I hate transition. I really do. But the fact is transition ignores what we think about it and continues to do its job.

It was a normal busy Sunday, especiallyits Council of Achievement. Had quite a good time, more so when you see the kids you groom proudly going on the stage to receive the awards they had deservedly earn from their hardwork. I’m truly blessed by them. Their skit was awesome too. Although the ERs and ARs had more interesting skit, but ours had the best moral value, which is to love our enemies, a thing we find it so hard to do in a world like this. I’m really proud of each and every DR, you guys are the best 🙂

Met up with Euwen to have a Dota session with him, his bro and friends. Its not going to be long till he finally goes back to Ipoh to start a new working life. On one hand I’m sad because he’s been always (or maybe most of the time) there with me since my Uni days. We tend to click with each other well, especially in terms of lameness. I couldn’t find anyone that could click with me so well in this aspect. Haha. On another hand, I’m happy because at least now he’ll be with his parents, so he’d have more time to spend with them, something I cherish myself here too. It won’t be the same without Euwen in KL, but then, again, a period of transition(damn) will solve everything.

Is time really a tool to solve the boredness in a r/ship? Will time really heal all sorrows and replace them with a new hope for a better future? Or even so, is there true love that lasts forever? I doubt, strongly. Some things, when its gone, its gone, no matter how deep or wide you search for it. But hell, all things are possible.

Blah. Feeling very emo and tired. Dreading every second now.


p/s: thanks soong and philip for your concern and kind advice. and oh, try not to take me as your role model anymore, because i suck big time too  🙂