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Stressed up BIG time!!



Of a Mother’s Day Celebration

From my birthday to Mother’s Day celebration, with moni’s wedding tightly squeezed in between.

Talking about Moni’s wedding, it was awesome to see someone you know get married, being tied in a vow to support each other for the rest of their lives. Moni’s so funny, she kept laughing when reading her part of the vow. Pastor mentioned she’s “extremely happy”.  Haha. Such vows, I couldn’t see myself doing it at any point of time now. Not very soon, too. Lol.

Back to the topic, the Mother’s Day celebration had been something planned for a long time, at least more than a week of sending emails back and forth. At first I can’t really see it coming together, but with God’s help, I’m glad it ended well.

It all started with 2 hours of sleep the previous night. Right after the wedding, I rushed straight to Carrefour to meet up with the Lam brothers to buy food and stuffs. The shopping didn’t end there as we hurried off to our next destination, Cold Storage, to buy fresh prawns and some other stuffs.

That was part one. Next was to go back and prepare the food. In came help from other friends and my bro to hasten the preparation of food and BBQ. Played peeling prawns with Kah Meng, haha. The parents at this moment are out in Bangsar for tea, in which they will come back to a surprise of us preparing a meal exclusively for them. The menu for the moms include 2 large prawns, a slice of grilled dory, with generous portion of mashed potato and cheese on osyter musrooms. Meanwhile, the dad had BBQ chicken.

We then adjourned to the reading room for the rest of the agenda. Had a short worship session, followed by testimony from each family. The surprise came for the Au parents as we managed to get hold of their kids in Perth to write them a testimony. The mom was so touched I think she cried a little. I bet it’s tears of joy 🙂

The highlight then came, an interactive presentation called “Mother’s Idol”. Haha. Something we thought could interest the moms as we got to know they all actually watch American Idol. Tasks for mom included folding formal clothes, putting a thread through a needle, and answering a question given like a beauty pageant. The dads got the priveledge of becoming the judges. We really had a good laugh over the presentation with many hilarious moments popping up 🙂

Lastly, we presented moms with a “Mom Idol” Certificate to show our appreciation and a flower to show our love, and a cake bought by Kevin from Dessert’s Bar which tasted oh-so-good. Am surely gonna buy cakes from there again.

That’s about it for the event. I think it really showed how much we treasure our moms and I guess they are able to feel it too through our hard work. Will upload pics once i get it from my bro.

p/s: Mom, I love u heaps!!

A Birthday Surprise

As the title, yea it did caught me by surprise that my fellow members actually came to my house with a cake. I was already in the midst of falling asleep when they suddenly came. Am really touched by them, thanks guys! You all are worth me treating you McD’s for supper. Lol.

To come home and see a nicely decorated letter cover with a lovely card in it from the family. And a photo album of me when i was way younger, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Indeed they are the ones who’ve been with me through thick and thin throughout my life (except my sis who came when i was 8). I’m truly blessed and I thank God for them. Love you all much.

One last surprise was when i received an email from someone who had been a special person to me. The effort put in was really touching too. Thanks and of course, you can eat the cake. It’s the thought that matters, really.

What I can say? Yes I am indeed blessed 🙂