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But it’s worth it. Had the time of my life, the days I have been waiting for weeks.

Too bad all good things have to come to an end. Will be leaving tomorrow. How time flies when you’re having fun huh? So cliche yet true.

Wished you could be here all the time.


The best environment to work

In a hotel…

In one of the room…

On the bed…


With a cup of ice blended, along with a lovely cake…

Oh did I mention the fluffy pillows…

Simply lovely…


Taylor-ed to Win

This video had just won Taylor Swift the best female video award. But drama occured when Kanye West came over, stole her microphone, and started telling his mind that he thinks Beyonce has the best video of the year. Don’t really know what went through his mind, but darn, he wasn’t being nice, at all.

Was watching the video and realised the guy in it is in fact the same guy from Hannah Montana The Movie. This lucky guy got to be with, in my opinion, the two hottest girls in Hollywood currently. Well, maybe I’m wrong but Miley but Taylor definitely is. Wait, let me rephrase, hot AND talented.

p/s: Shall update last Saturday’s gathering tonight 🙂


Actually wanted to try to embed a youtube vid, and i succeeded 😀

This is one of my all time favourite vid, watched many times and still won’t get bored of it, mainly because it’s very touching. I actually teared the first few times i watched it. HEY, it takes a REAL man to TEAR ok?


DISCOvery Camp 2009

No it was not a camp that involved disco dancing whatsoever, though I’m not sure did the kids had disco in the tent because it was constantly filled with noises and lights from their flashlights.


The group photo consisting of Adventure Rangers and Discovery Rangers.


Just the Discovery, my lovelies 🙂


A candid shot. Let’s go nearer to one of my favourite kid…


Dylan!! Ain’t he oh-so-cute?!!


Incredible *clap clap* HULK!!


S – U – P – E – R! Super over YOU!

Sides, at midnight, we even had time to celebrate one of the Jr. Cmdr’s birthday…


SamSoong! Blessed 20th Birthday yo! And oh, we’re trying to spell out the name of the girl she likes with our fingers, you can try to guess what’s the name, but no prizes for guessing correct 😛

The next morning, we had loads of fun too, such as:


Shooting potato off a water pipe cum rocket launcher which is super cool, and…


Bottle launcher. Mr. Gibbs is really an awesome dude. He knows his stuff well and could virtually build anything from anything.

All in all, it was a unforgetable trip, with many memories to bring back. But more importantly, I hope the kids enjoyed themselves, as most of them are first time campers. Hopefully this trip will stay in their minds forever, just as how I would never forget my first camp as a Royal Ranger almost 14 years ago 🙂

Didn’t Reach The Final Destination

The movie was certainly disappointing in the horrific point of view. Was more like a gory cum comedy. You should see how my friend could laugh at most scenes. She’s really special compared to other girls. Instead of feeling afraid, she’d laugh it out, perhaps laughing out of fear. Hence, if you’re afraid of any scenes, just look at her laughing there and all your fear will be gone too, LOL.

I’ll need to update on my recent camp. Got some very cute photos of the kids.

Someone’s telling me something tonight. I hope for the best but am prepared for the worse 🙂