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Why must things be so complicated when it seems all so easy when it first happened?

Ahh crap..

No I did not get my gf pregnant, in case you’re wondering..

Just hope things turn out for the good. Won’t be bothering about it much since it’s still so long from now.


Japanese Affection

I love this video:

Notwithstanding the fact that she’s not, but her nice vocal is really appealing too.

On another note, I think i fared pretty well for my interim probation review. Hope for the same on the coming 3 months before confirmation.

All glory to God!

p/s: Blessed birthday Ngeow!


Ahh, time flies, well, yet again..

But good time was spent with her. We’ve only got to meet each other the minimum of 12 times per year. Might be more than some couples, but even much more lesser than the rest.

A song for you, my dear.. Hehe 🙂